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3 out of 5 stars

I am so tired of mediocre sushi in this town! Laku has a nice atmosphere and has a lot going for it in the Japanese cooked food and dessert selection, but not much exciting in the sushi selection. One of my favorite types of sushi is white tuna, which wasn’t on the menu (I rarely see it as a choice in Raleigh). After my husband and I had eaten our meals we heard the waiter recommend the white tuna to some other patrons. It is disappointing that the selections aren’t all on the menu and I didn’t see a specials board either.

I had settled for a Philly roll and a two brothers roll.. What was interesting is that the menu said that two brothers included tempura shrimp, salmon, tuna, cream cheese, avocado and eel sauce. But it turned out to be a smaller roll than described because the tuna was on one half and the salmon was on the other. The fish itself was fresh and presented in a nice way, with shapes made out of the wasabi and the garnishes. The edamame was soggy but lukewarm.

It didn’t help to improve our experience that the waitress was brand new. She couldn’t answer questions about the food, and didn’t seem to know the difference between brown rice and fried rice. We’ve yet to find a sushi place in this town which provides brown rice, but we always have to ask just in case we get lucky. In a metropolitan town this place would get 2 stars but since this is Raleigh it gets 3.

7201 Old Wake Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27616
(919) 875-8028

Laku in Raleigh