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Elmo’s Diner

4 out of 5 stars

I wouldn’t ordinarily be happy about being seated in an outdoor patio in January after waiting 30 minutes, but Elmo’s manages to keep their patio pretty warm.

My order of biscuits and country gravy contained the perfect biscuits – not crispy and greasy and crumbly like what you would get at Bojangles.. light and fluffy biscuits that gently compress like play-doh when you carve them with a fork. I’m not sure if that sounds as appetizing as it tastes. Ah well.

The country gravy was fine but strangely contained link sausage cut up instead of pieces of patty sausage or sausage crumbles. However the home fries were crisply roasted with a nice seasoning and the amount of food was bountiful, it included eggs as well. I would describe my husband’s “custom 4” omelet, but I guess we’ll just go with a direct quote from the man himself: “omelet good.”

This turned out to be the perfect New Year’s day recovery meal. I wouldn’t say that after eating I felt energized, but I was hydrated by the all-curing combo: delicious coffee (which I am very picky about) and country gravy – the ultimate hangover sludge.

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Elmo’s Diner
200 N Greensboro St  Carrboro, NC 27510
(919) 929-2909

776 9th St  Durham, NC 27705
(919) 416-3823

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(919) 929-2909

2 thoughts on “Elmo’s Diner

  • Thanks for the tip – I’ve been meaning to check out Waraji – it’s not too far from my house, actually. I need to convince my husband to escort me some time soon. Hopefully you like Carolina sushi and roll, they have 1-2 half price rolls each day, which is nice if it happens to be the rolls that you want.

  • Stephen

    *Nothing to do with Elmo’s Diner*

    Ran across your site while looking for a review on Carolina Sushi and Roll and read a few of your reviews. I agree with you on most points and also noticed that you like sushi. I think that most people familiar with raleigh and who are true lovers of sushi will point you to Waraji as the best in town (5910 Duraleigh Road, Raleigh, NC (919) 783-1883). It is a bit pricey, the service is relaxed (it may take awhile), they do not take reservations for parties under 6 people normally, it is almost always crowded after 530. It is definately my favorite in town and if you do not mind paying a little more for fresh cut fish you will not be dissappointed. Hope you give it a try and ill be sure to use your site for other reviews of places I have not made it to yet!


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