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Bru’s Room Sports Grill

3 out of 5 stars

Typical Sports Bar with lots of Big Screens

Bru's Room is popular with the dudes. I generally try to avoid it, but I'm giving it three stars because most everyone else likes to go here. The food is adequate, it's generally bar food, don't expect much. Prices are cheap, and the clientele.. well, lots of dudes. Bru's room has lots of seating, is relatively clean, and is in a convenient location on Atlantic. The parking is not so convenient, while there are some spaces nearby, on any given weeknight or weekend these spaces are full and you have to park over in the Pineapple Grove public parking lot (free).

Bru's does have a pool table, which is pretty popular, and an attentive waitstaff of young women who don't wear too many clothes. Another reason this place is popular with dudes, I guess. And I can't forget, probably the best thing about this place is the large number of big screen TV's playing every sport you can think of at any given time. They also have good drink specials every day of the week. So if you're a guy, and are into sports, hit this place up. If you dont' like sports, avoid it like the plague.