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Boynton Diner

3 out of 5 stars

Boynton Diner Aces Taste, Not so much Service

The Boynton Diner has daily specials that are so good that they almost always run out of them. If my husband and I get there around eleven on the weekend, they have probably run out of country fried steak already.

From the outside, this place looks like a run down diner, as it is in a run down strip mall. The inside looks a little better than the outside and is decorated in a beachy theme, but it is chaos trying to get a table. The hostess won't take names, she just tries to remember the order people come in. She is too lazy to seat you herself, people just go sit down when a table opens up. This has led to strong words between guests on at least one occassion.  Usually we defer to the elderly.

After all that is settled you order and get your food and it is tasty. The staff are always in a rush (you may not be able to flag anyone down if you're missing something) and you can't miss that same old guy always bussing tables.  It's up to you whether you think it will be worth the struggle! These guys take credit cards.

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Boynton Diner
500 E Woolbright Rd
Boynton Beach, FL 33435
(561) 364-1819