Blue Moon Cafe

4 out of 5 stars

I have real mixed feelings here. Our food was great but it was expensive due to the waitress not letting us know certain sides were not included with the meal. Also she completely neglected us at bill time. You wouldn’t think you should have trouble paying for a bill when there is a crowd waiting in the heat outside and only a tiny bit of space to monitor. But the captain crunch french toast was lovelier than it sounded, with wisps of whipped cream and berries. The sausage and eggs were perfect and homemade, the biscuit towered from the plate and melted in our mouths with butter and raspberry jam on top. Hubby enjoyed his mexican omelet with chorizo. I’d avoid the cinnamon bun (a mistake order), it was overly sugary without much depth.

I guess this place would be perfect with a bigger space more attentive service. But they’re getting along fine without it. If you don’t feel like waiting perhaps go in and order a pricey ($7) smoothie to go.

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Blue Moon Cafe
1621 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 522-3940

3 thoughts on “Blue Moon Cafe

  • We saw this place on a TV show (the guy with the spiky bleached hair) and only wished we lived closer! We loved the casual confidence of the owner as she showed her restaurant and her creations.
    We live 1500 miles from Baltimore, but we have family there and when we visit we will bring our bag chairs and enjoy the wait! Looks like the food is worth the wait!

  • Glad you liked it! It’s in a lovely area, we had family eating there while in town for my sister’s wedding recently. We’ll have to go back when we visit again.

  • We had to wait 2hrs for a seat but what does that tell ya….the food was awesome!!! I had the stacked hash brown with crab and fresh tomatoes! OMG! SO GOOD! We also tried the giant cinnamon bun for appetizer…excellent, soft, and very very tasty! Light dough not sooo bready, in my mind. Partner had eggs benedict with crab…he loved it! So 5 stars from us!! Plan ahead for the seating, the place is small so they can only seat so many at a time…but certainly worth the wait! Cya there! Jen

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