The Rockford

3 out of 5 stars

The Rockford is located up a flight of wooden stairs across Glenwood from the Hibernian. It could be difficult to find if you didn’t know what you were looking for. It has no sign, only the number of the address, 320, above the food. A crowd of 5 of us stopped in and luckily were able to get a table within 20 minutes or so. The place tends to get crowded, as the bar is small and there is not much room to occupy as you wait for a table. The fact that it’s so cramped may account for the reason why I noticed the sub-par inspection score on the wall (90.5) and the fact that one of the cooks was wearing a backwards trucker cap. While I know most cooks where I dine don’t dress up for the occasion, thinking about other 90 scores I’ve read about put me on edge before we even sat down.

This weekend had been a rainy one, but what was interesting about the Rockford is it also happened to be raining near our table! A ceiling leak not too far from the table was taken care of by putting a bin on the floor to catch the drips. By the looks of the ceiling, it was not a new leak, there was quite a black spot above us! Still, ambiance was cozy with lovely watercolor paintings on the walls and a nice street views.

Of the selection of sandwiches I ordered the cannellini bean sandwich, made with a bean paste with a garlicy flavor, along with havarti cheese, tomato and spinach. I quite enjoyed my sandwich but not my choice of seasonal side, a clumpy and bland couscous. Hubby got a mushroom sandwich, which was ok, and others ordered an angus sandwich with brie (tasted like a cheesesteak, they said) and a mozzarella sandwich with pesto (tasty, using fresh mozzarella but also a bit bland). The boys liked the mashed potato sides. Glen’s side dish of edamame salad was tasty, with mustard seeds, red onion and a light sauce. Our appetizers were just ok – a red pepper hummus everyone enjoyed and goat cheese, both served with pita triangles. I was hoping the goat cheese would be slightly more adorned or blended with herbs or even fried. It was just a hunk of goat cheese with a little red and black pepper sprinkled on.

I felt like something was missing here, other than basic building maintenance. Yes food prices were entirely reasonable, but food was a bit bland and disappointing. I’d probably go back – other options at this end of Glenwood are limited. Plus the night ended on a high note with some tasty fresh ground coffee in a diner-style mug that fit nicely in my hand.

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