Reliable Cheese Company – Closed


Take a peek at this little shop (@ReliableCheese) right next to Rue Cler. They have wine, beer, cheese, deli meats and charcuterie. Also two sandwiches each day as a to-go option, one of which is meatless.

I got myself a sandwich with ham, prosciutto, and a comte on a chewy dark bread. The cheese, not surprisingly, was my favorite part and I had wished there was more of it. It was rich and flavorful like a gruyere. I washed the sandwich down with some fantastic dark cherry cola. The glass bottle looks like a beer bottle, so I got some strange looks from the coworkers while munching.
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What really sounds exciting are the upcoming cheese classes.

Reliable Cheese Company
405 East Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 680-3939