Motivated Monday – Healthiest Chain and Delivery Pizzas

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  1. deMandy says:

    Hi Justine,
    Thanks for stopping by! You are right, I just looked at Papa John’s large thin crust and they have a lighter cheese portion so they have slices under 200 calories. I will need to update this post with the newest info! The Tropical Luau one looks particularly tasty.

  2. Justine Page says:

    Papa Johns is actually free of all MSG and additives. They also offer thin crust, it’s in large only.

  3. deMandy says:

    Your article is well-researched on which chains include which ingredients. I don’t personally feel that all the additives are necessarily that bad, although I would feel more comfortable with a pizza with less ingredients. However, I’ve worked in the food industry and am aware of many different food additives that are added for different reasons, which are not harmful. So it comes down to your individual level of comfort with what gets put in. Hopefully delivery pizza isn’t going to be a frequent choice, especially if you are watching your diet! I certainly agree it’s better to make it yourself, if you have time.

    Have you done the research on zpizza? They seem to be more natural than most!

  4. brenda says:

    If you’d like to read more and which ingredients are least healthy, check out this great article,

  5. brenda says:

    Thanks for putting this together, but it’s also about quality ingredients, not just the ‘nutritionism’ of calories and macros. Most major pizza chains contain MSG or Glutamic Acid snuck inside the crust, the sauce, the cheese, the meats, and most of the toppings. WHY??? Besides be very unhealthy, It also increases cravings for said pizza. Domino’s Papa Johns, Lil Caesars and Pizza Hut just a few who have MSG-laden pizza ingredients. ASK FOR THEIR LIST OF INGREDIENTS.

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