Guajillo’s – Closed

4 out of 5 stars

Co-workers billed this simple eatery a Mexican place but upon closer inspection I found that the restaurant also offers Columbian food. You place your order at the front counter, take a number, and they bring your items to the table. You also get some complimentary tortilla chips and salsa.

I asked the man at the counter what is good to order and he recommended that I try the patacones. They are like tostadas but on a crisply fried plantain crust rather than a corn tortilla. They are topped with chicken or beef, avocado sauce and cheese. Along with the two patacones comes a small spring mix salad and some dressing. The taste of these is special, even though the meat is milder than you’d expect traditional Mexican to be.

Another dish that he recommended we try is to order the Bandeja Paisa, a huge platter of food. It is a popular dish in Columbia, consisting of grilled steak, pork belly and chorizo, on a bed of rice and red beans that is then topped with a fried egg and a side of sliced avocado and plantain. Sounds like the ultimate platter for sharing!

This is a nice local place to grab a quick bite of inexpensive food, and a regular haunt for us ATC folk who wander across the tracks and enter through the back door.

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