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4 out of 5 stars

Happy to finally have a chance for a date night since having baby Wolfie, I arranged for some friends to meet Glen and I out at Fosters American Grille. It’s located right in Cameron Village and seemed a great place to meet up with some buddies and eat well, but not too pretentiously. I have a problem with pretension as I generally have pretty uncomplicated (but demanding) tastes.

Reviews online have varied wildly but of late Fosters has gotten some acclaim from the peanut gallery. Rumor on the grapevine is that management has changed and some original staff has been hired back which has revitalized the food and service. I have to agree!

Fosters has a broad menu so I knew everyone would be able to find something they’d enjoy and I was right. It spans salads, grilled pizza, pasta, and a selection of traditional entrees. (Menu here.) We started with a few appetizers, taking advantage of the $5 for any appetizer special that happens from 4-7pm daily. The crab dip was splendid, served with toasted flat bread. The lettuce wraps were just ok, consisting of a hoisin sauce over chicken, water chestnuts and little fried noodles. Friends also appeared to enjoy the crab cakes served over a corn succotash.

The entrees really wowed us, all served with fluffy mashed potatoes that were clearly homemade with care and lightly sauteed vegetables that were tender and not oily. I really enjoyed my short rib entree which was fall-apart tender and rich, “simmered overnight in red wine, tomatoes and garlic,” according to the menu. Hubs had the 6 ounce filet, which was perfect, and D had the rack of ribs which he enjoyed. Our lady friend was in love with her Chicken Rockefeller, a spinach and bacon stuffed chicken breast.

Apologies for the low-light iPhone pics.

Chicken Rockefeller

Short Rib

Ribs (I think half rack?)


We fully enjoyed most everything we ordered and I look forward to returning. I also wish I had left room to try dessert. The atmosphere here is lovely whether you sit downstairs in the dining room or bar area, or upstairs where you’ll be outside and have a view of activity on Cameron Village streets below. I hear it turns into quite the late-night spot and they seem to have music and dancing many nights. But don’t underestimate what a delicious meal you can get at reasonable prices. Sandwiches from $8 and entrees from $14.

A wonderful surprise for me was the check-in special on Four Square!  We got 20% off the food!

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