Falls River Smokehouse – Now Closed

NOTE: This establishment is closed.

3 out of 5 stars

Falls River Smokehouse is hidden in the back of a shopping center off Litchford road right near the 540 overpass. It’s a cozy establishment with a nice rustic interior and you can smell the smoke as you approach.

We just tried breakfast so this review only pertains to that. I wanted to like my egg, toast and slice of brisket, but it took so long to arrive (30-40 minutes) that Glen was about to pass out and I was even losing patience. I was disappointed because when it did arrive, it wasn’t particularly warm. My brisket slice wasn’t as tender as I expected it would be, and Glen’s omelet was chock full of fresh ingredients but also at room temperature. Which was weird because it wasn’t very busy and there were at least two people back in the kitchen not including the owner. Maybe an off day?

We wouldn’t go back here for breakfast because Glen can’t wait that long to eat. But I would like to go back for lunch/dinner one day as I have heard raves about their BBQ. The owner was very nice, he came by just to see how we were and to chat a little bit. They’re open Wed-Sat 7am-9pm and they have wifi.

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Falls River Smokehouse
8320 Litchford Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 954-1190