Antonio’s Gourmet Market – Now Closed

‘Twas a cold, blustery morning that baby DJ and I wandered through the misty rain to Lafayette Village. After getting lost taking the elevator out of the parking garage and wandering confusedly in the office building, we trekked the landscape until we found the Euro-styled village and Antonio’s Gourmet Market.

We wandered in, entranced by the sprawling cases of meats and cheeses. However before we could explore, I had a run-in with a Cocopop machine.

Apparently the trick to creating a 20 calorie Cocopop cake involves explosive processes that shoot the little puck out at you at top speed. The Cocopop is a puffed wheat cake that is like the adult version of baby puffs. Or perhaps the like eating a cheeseless Cheeto that has a smack of mushroom to it. I shouldn’t be surprised that such a wafty cake is created with a bang. The cake shooting towards my face scared the crap out of me – luckily I only flinched rather than ducking for cover.

The market has a nice selection of all types of gourmet items. I bought some of the Cocopops ($2.50) and some amazing roast beef. It’s definitely worth a stop if you’re looking for some premium eats. And I advocate the Cocopop for those on a diet or watching carbs, it only has 4 grams per.
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