Social Media Supper Club


The Social Media Supper Club is not really a club at all, it’s more like an informal gathering of foodies. We’re all foodies who happen to be on twitter, and that’s how the club started.

@thegourmez, @BCwritr and I tweeted to each other that we really should start a tweetup of our own, and shortly after we had our first event at David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar.

Our food and drink fests have grown more popular, and we enjoy reveling in the company of other nerds and foodists once per month. In addition to revelry, we take photos, tweet, and try not to nitpick too much. The tw-eat up is now managed by myself and @SharonADawson.

Sign up for our email list or follow one of us on twitter to get notice of our events. They fill up quickly! Or follow along with #SMSC. Or Like us on Facebook.

photo by @bcwritr

photo by @bcwritr